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All questions related to initial and final manuscript submission should be directed to Professor Lacra Pavel pavel@control.toronto.edu

For lecture/oral presentations each conference room will have the following equipment:

  • LCD projector
  • Screen
  • Table for placing your laptop Please note that the CDC 'WILL NOT PROVIDE LAPTOPS FOR PRESENTATIONS'

    For Interactive presentations please read instructions below.
  • The interactive presentation is intended to communicate information rapidly. It is supposed to represent a well-designed, eye-catching, and engaging display of information. Therefore, information must be presented in an easy-to-comprehend fashion and readable from approximately five feet away. Viewers should be able to grasp the purpose of the display within five minutes.

    Creating your presentation in PowerPoint will allow you to easily combine text, graphics, graphs, and photos. PowerPoint will also permit you to easily print a proof of your poster on any standard office printer and print a large format version to any standard plotter.

    Please note that each poster will be displayed on a bulletin board approximately 4-feet tall by 8-feet wide in size. Tacks will be provided. No provisions can be made for working hardware displays.

    There are two ways to create your presentation using PowerPoint:
    1. You may use a single slide, enlarged and printed on a large-format printer.
    2. You may use multiple slides and post them in sequence in your designated poster area.
    Creating an Effective Poster as part of interactive presentation
    Below are tips to apply when creating your poster presentation.
    • Display should stimulate discussion, not give a long presentation. Keep text to a minimum, emphasize graphics, and make sure every item in your display is necessary.
    • Determine three key points you want to make. You want the poster to reflect these key points not all the details. Numbered lists and bullet points are good ways to com municate concisely.
    • It is recommended that you roughly sketch out your poster on paper before creating it in PowerPoint.
    • Posters can be created with as many or as few descrip tive sections as you desire. Always remember to keep it simple.
    • Possible sections
      - Author/Title/Affiliation
      - Poster Number
      - Abstract
      - Purpose or Hypothesis
      - Background
      - Data Collection and Analysis
      - Objectives
      - Data Sources/Study Setting
      - Study Design
      - Participants/Subjects
      - Intervention
      - Principal Findings
      - Main Outcome Measures
      - Results
      - Discussion
      - Implications
      - Conclusions
      - Funding Source
    • You will have space for up to an A0 (equivalent in area to 16 A4 or US letter size pages). Working with a single large sheet, rather than multiple small sheets, will definitely improve the presentation. If you are using multiple sheets, the smallest individual sheet that should be used is A3 or Poster (double A4 or US letter size).
    • DO NOT simply use the text of your paper in the poster whether expanded in size or not. Just as this is very poor practice in lecture presentations, it is also very poor practice for poster presentations.
    • Your poster should:
      - Use very large font (at least 72 point, bold; preferably larger), to show the title and authors of the paper;
      - Use diagrams, figures, key equations, images and text as appropriate to explain your paper
      - The minimum recommended font size for the poster is 18pt;
      - Follow a logical visual flow (e.g. using arrows etc.).
      - Use relatively small page margins.
    • It may also be helpful to informally prepare a 5minute description of your work, which you can repeat to various attendees. Velcro patches will be provided for attaching posters to the boards. Think of whether you wish to use other aides (e.g. laptop to show results from simulations or experiments; note paper for more mathematical discussions).
    Please note that all printed material must be brought the CDC by authors. The CDC will not have any on property printing facility. You will need to use the hotel business center for this purpose or local commercial copy centers.
    • Materials must be easily read at a distance of five-six feet. Ordinary type is not effective.
    • If you are using multiple standard-sized PowerPoint slides, you may print the slides on standard 8.5 X 11 paper and post the slides in your designated area.
    • If using one PowerPoint slide that will be enlarged, you must print to a large-format printer. From the menu bar, select File, Page Setup, then enter the appropriate poster size. In the case of the Fuel Cell Seminar, you will be given a 4 ft by 8 ft space for your poster.
    Provided equipment
    Only the following equipment will be provided by the conference to the interactive session authors:
    • A private booth approximately 8 ft (2.5 m) wide and 4 ft (1.3 m) deep.
    • Cork backing to attach printer material to the back of the booth
    • A table for you to set up your display and/or laptop
    • A power outlet and standard lighting in the ballroom
    If you have any special needs, you must make arrangments for it privately.

    Poster Setup and Tear Down Times
    Posters must be set up by presenter in Elizabeth Hall between 2:00pm and 3:30pm on Wednesday-Friday, December 13-15. Push pins will be provided for you. As the presenter for your paper, you will be required to stand next to your poster from 3:30pm to 5:30pm on the designated day of your session to be available for questions. You will be notified of your session date prior to the Seminar. Please take down your poster and any other equipment you may have brought for display between 5:30pm and 6:00pm after your session. Items left after 6pm will be disposed of.
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