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Letter of Acceptance for Visa

Please send the following information to the registration chair (Professor Shafai) to obtain a confirmation letter necessary to obtain visa to enter the US:

  • Passport number
  • Country and date of issue of passport
  • Paper title
  • Complete author list

    You may also request the letter via Author workspace.

    Conference Hotel

    Please use the conference group code G-IECO for getting conference rates for the hotel.
    Group Room rates are USD 177 (single as well as double occupancy) per night, this price does not include taxes.
    If you plan to arrive early or stay back for a few days after the conference, these rates are available from December 10 to December 18th.
    To receive the conference rates, reservations must be made by November 20, 2006.

    Conference Airline

    Northwest Airlines is the official career of the 45th IEEE CDC. NWA is offering 5% discount on published rates for tickets purchased 0-29 days before the date of travel and 10% discount on published rates for tickets purchased 30+ days before the date of travel. These discounts are available to travel originating in US or Canada only.

    The above discounts are available for travel to San Diego between December 8 and December 18, 2006.

    To obtain negotiated discounts, individuals should go to www.nwa.com Under the Deals and News column and the Flights tab, click on "NWA Discount Travel E-Cert Redemption" which is located at the bottom. On the Flight Search screen, click Login. Enter your WorldPerks number or Continue to login as Guest. Complete the Flight Search section and navigate to the bottom where you will see 'Do you have an E-Cert Fare, electronic voucher or meeting agreement?'. Select type (i.e. Meeting agreement (WorldFile number)) and then enter the WorldFile number: NMATS in the Meeting WorldFile Number box and complete your transaction.

    Current weather downtown San Diego

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