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Student Support Program Student Travel Support
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IEEE CSS Student Travel Support Program of CDC 2008

Program Details

The Student Travel Support of CDC 2008 is meant to enable promising students to attend the conference, present their papers and become more integrated into their scientific community. Funds from IEEE Control System Society (CSS) and National Science Foundation of U.S. (NSF) will be used to cover Student (or Regular, if needed) registration. Depending on the number of applications, modest levels of additional support, toward defraying costs of attendance and travel, might be possible.

Eligibility and Requirements

Each applicant (i) must be an author or co-author of a paper accepted for presentation at CDC 2008, (ii) must register at the conference, and (iii) must present a paper.

In order to be eligible for either program, an applicant must be a (student) member of both IEEE and CSS, at the time of the application. While all student members of IEEE-CSS are eligible for the CSS funds, funds from NSF are limited to students studying at an institution within the U.S.

Eligible Applicants may apply for the Student Travel Support program or for the Conference Support program for the Developing Countries (see below), but NOT for both programs simultaneously.

Application Procedures

To apply, students must download the Student Travel Support Application Form (the link will be active by late July), fill it in, convert it into the PDF format, and upload it through PaperPlaza as follows:

Step 1: Select Submit a paper or session proposal for the CDC 2008
Step 2: Select First Submissions: Student Travel Form
Step 3: To complete the application procedure, the Student's Advisor must contact via e-mail Professor Faryar Jabbari, Chair of Student Activities Committee of the IEEE Control Systems Society (fjabbari@uci.edu), and provide him with the following information:
1. Certification that the applicant is currently enrolled as a student and is planning to attend and present a paper at the CDC 2008.
2. Short message of support of the Student's application.

Deadlines and Award Notification

July 31 (or earlier): decision letters about papers submitted to CDC 2008 are sent out.
August 15: deadline for applying for the student travel support.
September 1 (tentative): decision messages about travel support recipients are expected to be sent out. Those selected for support from CSS funds will automatically be allowed to register at the reduced level (under the options "regular TS registrant" or "student TS registrant"). NSF awardees must pay the appropriate registration fees and seek reimbursement after the conference (details will be announced at the time of the award).
September 9: deadline for registering and uploading the final version of the manuscript.

If additional support, beyond registration, is awarded, original receipts will be needed for reimbursement. Details and procedures regarding reimbursement will be distributed, if needed.

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Free Workshop Registration for Students

The Control Systems Society is repeating an initiative to allow students free attendance at one of the workshops. If you are a Student Member of both the IEEE and the Control Systems Society in the year 2008 and you are interested in attending one of the workshops offered at the CDC 2008, you can take this possibility for free.

Due to the limited budget, only the first 50 requests will be accepted. Priority will be given to those IEEE CSS students who have already paid for one workshop fee and that will contact the Vice President Member Activities, Prof. Claire Tomlin, within the due date of SEPTEMBER 10. In that case, the fee will be refunded at the conference. All other requests received by OCTOBER 15 will be considered based on a first received basis. Students who are not both IEEE and CSS members will not be considered.

If you interested in this initiative please contact Prof. Claire Tomlin no later than OCTOBER 15 by sending her an e-mail message at the e-mail address tomlin@eecs.berkeley.edu. The message should include the following information about you, the IEEE CSS student applicant:


* Since the list of each single workshop participants cannot exceed a maximum number, we may have to resort to your second choice.

The result of your application will be communicated to you no later than OCTOBER 25.

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