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Venue and Travel Information

Conference Hotel

Special group rates ($180) are available at the Hilton Atlanta. These rates are available from Dec. 12 - Dec. 19, 2010.


Atlanta Airport Ground Transportation
Atlanta Airport Ground Transportation (Airport Website)
If you take the train, you can get off at Peachtree Center and the Hilton is a short walk from there Ė actually connected by a walkway so you donít even have to go outside.

Child day care

The following options are available for child day care:
  • NANNY POPPINZ: 404-492-5515
  • TLC: 770-410-4774
  • MOMMY MOMENTS: 770-621-5757
All agencies have a 4 hour minimum at $12.00 per hour, plus an administration fee of $20.00 up to $35.00

Letter of Acceptance for Visa

An official letter-of-acceptance that confirms that your paper has been accepted and reaffirms the expectation that you will attend the Conference is available for download. The letter can be used for visa and travel support applications.

The download is available from PaperPlaza. The procedure for obtaining your acceptance letter is as follows:

  1. Go to the PaperPlaza and Login
  2. Enter your PIN number and Password.
  3. In the Access a Workspace (next to CDC10) choose:
    Enter Author or Proposer of Submission # (your paper #).
  4. Then, Choose an Option, and click on Request an Acceptance Letter.
  5. Fill out the necessary Information.
  6. Download the pdf file of your Acceptance Letter.

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PaperPlaza Submission site

Key dates (2010)
Initial submissions open:Already open
Initial submissions due:Apr 2
Acceptance notification:Mid-July
Final submissions open:Aug 3
Final submissions due:Sep 12

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