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Honeywell is a U.S. Fortune 100 company that invents and manufactures technologies to address tough challenges linked to global megatrends such as safety, security, and energy. With approximately 122,000 employees worldwide, including 19,000 engineers and scientists, Honeywell has an unrelenting focus on quality, delivery, value, and technology in everything it makes and does.

You can’t see most of Honeywell’s products, but you can count on them. Your safe flight might depend on Honeywell’s collision avoidance and traffic control systems, wing ice and wind shear sensors, autopilots, and landing systems. Honeywell’s control systems keep your home and office at just the right temperature. Honeywell’s space-age fibers make body armor bullet-resistant. And, as leading makers of safer substitutes for CFCs, Honeywell helps protect the earth’s ozone layer. www.Honeywell.com

MathWorks products are used throughout the automotive, aerospace, communications, electronics, and industrial automation industries as fundamental tools for research and development. They are also used for modeling and simulation in increasingly technical fields, such as financial services and computational biology. MathWorks software enables the design and development of a wide range of advanced products, including automotive systems, aerospace flight control and avionics, telecommunications and other electronics equipment, industrial machinery, and medical devices. More than 5000 colleges and universities around the world use MathWorks solutions for teaching and research in a broad range of technical disciplines. MATLAB®, the language of technical computing, is a programming environment for algorithm development, data analysis, visualization, and numeric computation. Simulink® is a graphical environment for simulation and Model-Based Design of multidomain dynamic and embedded systems. The company produces nearly 100 additional products for specialized tasks such as data analysis and image processing. For more information, visit www.mathworks.com

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United Technologies Research Center (UTRC) is an internationally recognized corporate research organization of United Technologies Corporation (UTC) that conducts research and development across a range of technology areas to drive its mission of “growth through innovation.” With four worldwide locations (East Hartford, CT; Berkeley, Ca; Cork, Ireland; and Shanghai, China) UTRC partners with UTC business units and renowned external research organizations to impact organic growth of the Corporation through new product and process innovations. The operating units of UTC include: Pratt & Whitney (aircraft engines), Sikorsky (helicopters), Otis (elevators and escalators), Carrier (HVAC systems), Hamilton Sundstrand (aerospace systems), UTC Power (including UTC Fuel Cells), and UTC Fire & Security (products & services). Our products require increasingly sophisticated dynamical system modeling and control to achieve the levels of performance demanded by our customers. The most challenging control problems are highly multidisciplinary and require a collaborative, concurrent engineering approach. UTRC has a history of meeting these challenges by assembling integrated teams drawing talent from our business units, UTRC, and academic partners who come together to deliver innovative modeling and control solutions and technologies with both business and academic impact. www.utrc.utc.com

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The European Embedded Control Institute, EECI, www.eeci-institute.eu has been created in May 2006, in the framework of the HYCON Network of Excellence (FP6-IST), a funded European Community project (2004-2009). EECI is a "lightweight" association under the French Association Law 1901, based on volunteer work by its members. Its role consists in: stimulating new multi-national and multi-disciplinary research on complex and networked control systems; breaking down the barriers between the traditional disciplines; being a motor for the dissemination of methods and tools; promoting the education of students and researchers; and encouraging the transfer of methodologies to industry. In particular, EECI annually organizes a series of Modules of one week (21 hours) taught by renowned experts from all over the world and are open to all graduate students, engineers and researchers who want to acquired main control methodologies. For the 2011 edition, see www.eeci-institute.eu/GSC2011 Master or PhD students can apply for a grant for trip and stay (500 EUR per module). Currently, EECI is: member of the Chamber B of the European Platform ARTEMISIA www.artemisia-association.org ; partner of the FP7-ICT NoE HYCON2 www.hycon2.eu ; parter of the FP7-ICT CSA EUCLID www.euclid-india.eu; and coordinator of the French ANR WINPOWER.


Quanser is a leading developer of experiments and curriculum for teaching control systems design, hands-on. Their open architecture control solutions for teaching and research are used worldwide by thousands of universities, colleges, research laboratories, and commercial organizations. Quanser specializes in Turnkey Laboratory equipment – ideal for undergraduate, intermediate, and graduate level studies in Mechanical, Electrical, Mechatronics, Robotics, Aerospace, and Civil engineering disciplines. Their distinctively modular control systems allow educators to cost-effectively employ the same power plant to perform experiments of varying complexity. The experiments are fully compatible with LabVIEW™, MATLAB®, Simulink®, and Maplesoft® software. Quanser’s cutting-edge, reliable laboratory equipment helps universities captivate the brightest minds, motivate them to success, and produce graduates with industry-relevant skills. To learn more visit www.quanser.com or read our engineering blog at http://quanser.blogspot.com.

PendCon is a company that designs, builds, and sells laboratory experiments for control system education. These experiments are intended for use in a laboratory which accompanies or follows a basic or advanced course on control system design. Some are also suited for research purposes. Most of the PendCon experiments are mechatronic systems. PendCon offers various types of controllers: an analogue PID controller and two kinds of digital controllers. Typical examples for basic experiments where PID control can successfully be applied are the rate and the position control experiment. Advanced experiments are the reaction wheel pendulum and the double pendulum. They require more sophisticated methods of linear state space control or nonlinear control. Highlights are the self-erecting double pendulum, the uncertain double pendulum, and the triple pendulum. www.pendcon.de

Building on two centuries' experience, Taylor & Francis has grown rapidly over the last two decades to become a leading international academic publisher. Operating from a network of 20 global offices, the Taylor & Francis Group publishes more than 1,500 journals and around 1,800 new books each year. Come along to our stand to pick up a FREE Journal sample. A selection of books will be on display where discounted rates are available up to 4 weeks after the conference finishes, so don’t forget to take an order form! www.Informa.com, www.Tandf.co.uk

dSPACE develops and distributes tools for the development of electronic control units (ECUs) and mechatronic systems worldwide. dSPACE offers an integrated tool environment for: system architecture / control design; rapid prototyping; ECU autocoding; hardware-in-the-loop ECU testing; and, ECU calibration. Full engineering support and training are also available.

Using dSPACE systems, manufacturers of controllers and ECUs are able to dramatically reduce their development times and costs, and systematically increase their productivity.

Whether the objective is an electronically controlled diesel injection, fuel cell vehicles or hybrid electrical car, virtually all car manufacturers and many of their suppliers rely on dSPACE hardware and software in their current development projects. dSPACE tools are also used in aerospace, commercial / off-highway, drives technology, medical technology, industrial automation, and other fields.

The company also provides comprehensive services from on-site user training to customer-specific system engineering such as turn-key HIL test systems.

dSPACE has more than 800 employees worldwide at its headquarters in Paderborn, Germany, its Project Centers at Munich and Stuttgart, and its subsidiaries in France, the UK, Japan, the USA (Wixom, MI) and China. In addition, numerous distributors provide customer support in other countries. Visit www.dspaceinc.com or phone 248-295-4700 for more information.

National Instruments offers a full suite of tools for system identification, control design, simulation, and controller implementation. With the LabVIEW graphical development environment, you can take advantage of custom algorithm development, analysis, and visualization. Integration with off-the-shelf real-time hardware allows you to add real-world I/O early in the design stage, improving the development process. www.ni.com

Wolfram Research, Inc. is a powerhouse in technical innovation and pursues a long-term vision to develop the science, technology, and tools to make computation an ever-more-potent force in today's and tomorrow's world. The company is the developer of Mathematica, the world's most powerful integrated computation system, now used by millions around the world, and Wolfram|Alpha, the widely used and continually growing computational knowledge engine. Wolfram Research also maintains the world's largest free network of technical information websites, including MathWorld – the #1 website devoted to mathematics – and the Wolfram Demonstrations Project. For more information, visit the company website: http://www.wolfram.com

The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM), headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, is an international society of over 13,000 individual members. These include applied and computational mathematicians and computer scientists, as well as other scientists and engineers. Members are researchers, educators, students, and practitioners from 85 countries in industry, government, laboratories, and academia. The Society, which also includes nearly 500 academic and corporate institutional members, serves and advances the disciplines of applied mathematics and computational science by publishing a variety of books and prestigious peer-reviewed research journals, by conducting conferences, and by hosting activity groups in various areas of mathematics. SIAM provides many opportunities for students including regional sections and student chapters. Further information is available at www.siam.org

Springer is one of the world-leaders in engineering book publishing, boasting a broad range of subject matter, and a history of working with the most prestigious scholars in the field. Additionally, Springer publishes an astute collection of Journals, with a track record of generating the latest sought after content. For additional information about all our engineering publications, please stop by our booth, or visit us at www.Springer.com.

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