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Best Student Paper Award

Purpose: To recognize excellence in a conference paper contribution whose primary author is a student member of the IEEE.

Basis: Originality, clarity, and potential impact on practical applications or theoretical foundations of control.

Guidelines: To be eligible, the primary and first listed author must be a student at the time of original submission and have a current IEEE membership for the year 2010, and the paper must have been accepted for presentation at the CDC.

Procedure: Nominations must be made by the student's major professor (advisor) through PaperPlaza.

  1. Fill out the nomination form
  2. Submit the form for Best Student Paper Award by following: Start => Submit a paper or session proposal links. Then submit the nomination by clicking the "Submit" link next to Paper Award Nomination.

Important Information: The nominating form must be filled out in full containing the following information:

  1. A paragraph certifying that the nominee is the main author of the paper, was a student at the time of the nomination and has a current IEEE membership for the year 2010. The student's IEEE membership number must be included in the nominating letter.
  2. A paragraph with a brief description of the contribution of the paper and the main reason why the paper is being nominated for the award.
  3. The advisor's telephone number and e-mail address.
  4. Session code and the original submission number assigned by PaperPlaza.
  5. Nominations are limited to one per advisor.
Nominations Open: July 20, 2010
Nominations Close: August 31, 2010

Free Workshop Registration for Students

The Control Systems Society is repeating an initiative to allow students free attendance at one of the workshops. If you are a Student Member of both the IEEE and the Control Systems Society in the year 2010 and you are interested in attending one of the workshops offered at the CDC2010, you can take this possibility for free.

Due to the limited budget, only the first 50 requests will be accepted. Priority will be given to those IEEE CSS students who have already paid for one workshop fee and that will contact the Vice President Member Activities, Professor Shinji Hara, within the due date of NOVEMBER 15. In that case, the fee will be refunded at the conference. All other requests received by NOVEMBER 29 will be considered based on a first received basis.

Students who are not both IEEE and CSS members will not be considered.

If you interested in this initiative please submit this online registration form

* Since the list of each single workshop participants cannot exceed a maximum number, we may have to resort to your second choice.

The result of your application will be communicated to you no later than NOVEMBER 29.

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PaperPlaza Submission site

Key dates (2010)
Initial submissions open:Already open
Initial submissions due:Apr 2
Acceptance notification:Mid-July
Final submissions open:Aug 3
Final submissions due:Sep 12

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