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SmartPhone and Tablet App
SmartPhone and Tablet App

The mobile version of the Technical Program is available on the application Conference4me, which can be installed on Android-based and iOS-based devices.

Among other features, the application allows the user to create a personal timetable, which can be also downloaded on a calendar.

To install the application on your device and load the CDC2013 database, follow these steps:
  • Android: install the application Conference4me from Google Play;
  • iOS: install the application Conference4me from iTunes;
  • Launch the application;
  • Download CDC2013 from the available conference list.
The technical program of the CDC 2013 will be then available on your device, together with useful information on the conference venue.

You can also download the apps directly from: http://conference4me.eu/download or use the following QR codes.

Android iOS

PaperPlaza Submission site
Key dates (2013)
Submissions Open:January 4
Session Proposals Due:March 4
Workshop Proposals Due:March 4
Initial Submissions Due:March 11
Decisions Notification:mid-July
Registration Opens:Currently Open
Final Submissions Due:September 11

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