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Student Support Program
Free Workshop Registration for Students

The Control Systems Society is proud to allow students free attendance at one of the workshops. You are encouraged to take this possibility for free, and enjoy the workshop of your choice.

Due to the limited budget, only the first 50 requests will be accepted. Priority will be given to those IEEE CSS students who have already paid for (i) one workshop fee and (ii) the registration fee for attending CDC-ECC, 2011, and that will contact the Vice President Member Activities, Professor Shuzhi Sam Ge, within the due date of SEPTEMBER 30. All other requests received by NOVEMBER 12 will be considered based on a first received basis, and the workshop fee will be refunded at the conference upon your attendance.

If you interested in this initiative please contact Professor Shuzhi Sam Ge no later than NOVEMBER 12 by sending him an e-mail message at the e-mail address samge@nus.edu.sg. The message should include the following information:

Family Name:
Given Name:
Workshop Title:
Alternative Workshop Title*:
Workshop Fee Already Paid? (Y/N)
Paid registration fee for CDC-ECC? (Y/N)

An IEEE MEMBER? (Y/N, If Yes, please provide your IEEE Membership Number)**

The result of your application will be communicated to you no later than OCTOBER 31.

* Since the list of each single workshop participants cannot exceed a maximum number, we may have to resort to your second choice, if necessary.

** If you are currently not an IEEE member yet, you are welcome to join us. For further information, feel free to contact the VPMA, or visit www.ieeecss.org for the most updated information.

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Key dates (2011)
Submissions Open:January 5
Session Proposals Due: March 22
Initial Submissions Due: March 22
Final Submission Open:August 3
Registration Opens:August 3
Final Submissions Due: September 14

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