2017 Award Recipients

The IEEE Control Systems Society presents several awards annually for technical achievements in the areas of interest to the Society, as well as awards for service to the Society.

IEEE Control Systems Award

Richard Murray, California Institute of Technology

For contributions to the theory and applications of nonlinear and networked control systems.

Outstanding Chapter Award

IEEE CSS Lebanon Joint Chapter 

Daniel Asmar, Chapter Chair

Distinguished Member Award

Linda Bushnell, University of Washington

For contributions to networked control systems and outstanding long-term service to the Society.

CDC Best Student-Paper Award

Santiago Paternain, University of Pennsylvania, for a paper entitled “Safe Online Navigation of Convex Potentials in Spaces with Convex Obstacles.” Advisor: Alejandro Ribeiro

MSC Best Student-Paper Award Finalists 

Thomas Morstyn, for a paper entitled, "Distributed Sliding Mode Control for Multi-Module Battery Energy Storage System State of Charge Balancing" by Thomas Morstyn, Andrey V. Savkin, Branislav Hredzak and Vassilios G. Agelidis

Guillermo P. Falconi, for a paper entitled, "Fault Tolerant Control for a Hexarotor System using Incremental Backstepping" by Guillermo P. Falconi, Valentin A. Marvakov and Florian Holzapfel

Congratulations to Guillermo Falconi who was selected as the winner of the 2016 MSC Best Student-Paper Award.

CSM Outstanding Paper Award

Ali Mesbah, University of California, Berkeley. "Stochastic Model Predictive Control: An Overview and Perspectives for Future Research”, IEEE Control Systems Magazine, Vol. 36, No. 6, pages 30-44, 2016. 

TCST Outstanding Paper Award

Walter Caharija (Norwegian University of Science & Technology), Kristin Y. Pettersen (Norwegian University of Science & Technology), Marco Bibuli (National Research Council of Italy), Pedro Calado (University of Porto), Enrica Zereik (National Research Council of Italy), José Braga (University of Porto), Jan Tommy Gravdahl (Norwegian University of Science & Technology), Asgeir J. Sørensen (Norwegian University of Science & Technology), Milan Milovanovic ́(Rolls-Royce Marine AS), Gabriele Bruzzone (National Research Council of Italy), "Integral Line-of-Sight Guidance and Control of Underactuated Marine Vehicles: Theory, Simulations, and Experiments," IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, Vol. 24, No. 5, September 2016.

George S. Axelby Outstanding Paper Award

Yongxin Chen (Iowa State University), Tryphon T. Georgiou (University of California, Irvine), Michele Pavon (Università di Padova), “Optimal Steering of a Linear Stochastic System to a Final Probability Distribution, Part I” IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, vol. 61, no. 5, pages 1158 -1169, May 2016.

TCNS Outstanding Paper Award

Samuel Coogan (Georgia Institute of Technology), Ebru Aydin Gol (Middle East Technical University), Murat Arcak (University of California, Berkeley), Calin Belta (Boston University), “Traffic network control from temporal logic specifications”, IEEE Transaction on Control of Network Systems, Vol. 3, No. 2, pages 162-172, 2016.

Control Systems Technology Award

Pierino G. Bonanni (GE Global Research), James D. Brooks (GE Global Research), David S. Chan (Retired, GE Global Research), Ramu S. Chandra (General Electric Research), Paul K. Houpt (Retired, GE Global Research), H. Kirk Mathews (GE Global Research), Bernardo Adrian Movsichoff (GE Renewable Energy), Manthram Sivasubramaniam (GE Global Research)

"For control systems innovations of the GE Trip Optimizer leading to both commercial success and significant environmental benefits."

Antonio Ruberti Young Researcher Prize

Wei Ren, University of California, Riverside

"For pioneering contributions to distributed coordination and control of multi-agent systems."

Hendrik W. Bode Lecture Prize

Naomi Leonard, Princeton University

"For contributions to the theory and application of coordinated control of mobile, multi-agent systems in engineering and in nature” 

CSS Transition to Practice Award

Angeliki Pantazi, IBM Research-Zurich, Switzerland

"For development of advanced control technologies for magnetic tape data storage and nanopositioning applications."

Award for Technical Excellence in Aerospace Control

Naira Hovakimyan, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

"For pioneering innovations in adaptive control and its application to aerospace systems."

2017 CCTA Best Student Paper Award

Harikesh Arunachalam, Clemson University
Advisor: Simona Onori

"Modeling the Thermal Dynamics Inside a Ceria-Coated Gasoline Particulate Filter”

IEEE Fellows for 2018

Evaluated by CSS:

Andrew Alleyne
for contributions to the control of thermal management systems

Giuseppe Calafiore
for contributions to probabilistic methods for robust control design

Mark Campbell
for contributions to control and estimation theory for autonomous systems

Fariba Fahroo
for contributions to computational optimal control theory

Naira Hovakimyan
for contributions to control with applications to aerospace and robotic systems

Jonathan How
for contributions to guidance and control of air and space vehicles

Biao Huang
for contributions to and application of Bayesian soft-sensing for control performance monitoring

Wei Lin
for contributions to nonlinear control systems

Sonia Martinez
for contributions to the geometric mechanics and control

Girish Nair
for contributions to control and information in networked dynamical systems

Silviu-iulian Niculescu
for research on the effects of delays in system dynamics

Hitay Ozbay
for contributions to robust control for infinite dimensional systems

Karen Rudie
for contributions to the supervisory control theory of discrete event systems

Tong Zhou
for contributions to robust identification and estimation of control systems

Evaluated by other Societies:

Xenofon Koutsoukos (C)
for contributions to design of resilient cyber-physical systems

Haibo He (CIS)
for contributions to adaptive learning

Massimo Franceschetti (COM)
for contributions to random wireless networks

Saverio Mascolo (COM)
for contributions to modeling and control of congestion in packet networks

Bijnan Bandyopadhyay (IE)
for contributions to discrete-time, multi-rate, output feedback sliding-mode control

Wen-hua Chen
for contributions to the applications of nonlinear disturbance observer based control