Local Area Support Systems

The purpose of the LASS program is to support technical activities of an IEEE CSS Chapter with a grant of $1,000.

These are the guidelines to apply for the LASS grant.

  1. The Chapter Chair will contact the Vice President of Member Activities a few months before the event for which the support is asked occurs.
  2. The request submitted by the Applicant must contain the following info
    • Chapter name
    • Title of the proposed technical activity, date and location
    • Number of people involved in the activity (estimated)
    • Number of IEEE members involved in the activity (estimated)
    • Brief budget
    • Proposed arrangements to promote IEEE/CSS membership
    • Additional benefit made possible by LASS support if granted
  3. There is a requirement that IEEE CSS membership is promoted at the event (at the very least by brochures + brief advertisement during the event).
  4. There should be some clear indication of the additional benefit made possible by LASS. From the request, in fact, it should be possible to understand whether the budget for the event is already healthy, and there is not need for extra support, versus other cases where the budget is very tight, and LASS support can make a big difference to the quality of the event.
  5. The Vice President of Member Activities will decide whether the request can be approved or not.
  6. At the end of the event which received the LASS support, a short report must be sent by the applicant.
  7. There is a limit of one grant per chapter per year and, approximately, 5 grants available in any one year for all the chapters.
  8. All documentation (application, report, requests for additional info) must be sent to the Vice President for Member Activities.


Note that the Distinguished Lecture Program has also been used in conjunction with this resource capability to augment the support to the local Chapter to hold an event.