Classic Books

In order to preserve the Control Systems literature, the Control Systems Society will make available without cost out of print books that had significant impact on the field. If you would like such a book hosted on the IEEE Control Systems Society's website, please contact the Vice President for publication activities. Please note that the books will be hosted at the society's discretion.

Downloadable Books

Linear Optimal Control Systems by H. Kwakernaak and R. Sivan
  Content List and Front Matter Download
  Chapter 1. Elements of Linear System Theory Download
  Chapter 2. Analysis of Linear Control Systems Download
  Chapter 3. Optimal Linear State Feedback Control Systems Download
  Chapter 4. Optimal Linear Reconstruction of the State Download
  Chapter 5. Optimal Linear Output Feedback Control Systems Download
  Chapter 6. Linear Optimal Control Theory for Discrete-Time Systems Download
  References, Author Index and Subject Index Download