EiC Editorials

by the Editor-in-Chief
Continuing the tradition of excellence in 2010 and beyond, IEEE Trans. Auto. Control, vol. 55, no. 9, pp. 1-3, January 2010.
Continuing the tradition of excellence: Where we have been and where we could go, IEEE Trans. Autom. Control, vol. 58, no. 9, pp. 2157–2159, September 2013. 
Goals and Challenges in Cyber-Physical Systems Research, in Special Issue on the Control of Cyber-Physical Systems, IEEE Trans. Autom. Control, vol. 59, no. 12,  pp. 3117-3119, December 2014.
Marking the 60th Anniversary of the IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control – A Success Story,  IEEE Trans. Autom. Control, vol. 60, no.1, pp. 1-2, January 2015. 
Control Systems and the Quest for Autonomy, IEEE Trans. Autom. Control,  vol.62, no. 3, pp.1013-1016, March 2017.