Conference on Decision and Control Best Student-Paper Award

To recognize excellence in a conference paper whose primary contributor(s) is a (are) Student Member(s) of the IEEE.

Award Information
Certificate laminated on a plaque and travel expenses to the CDC for one recipient (round trip restricted (minimal) coach air fare, conference registration, and up to 4 conference-rate hotel-nights for a 3-day conference, and up to 5 conference-rate hotel-nights for a 4-day conference). All four finalists receive certificates and free student conference registrations.
Funded by the IEEE Control Systems Society.
At the Awards Ceremony of the CSS.
Primary contributor(s) of a paper, who was a (were) Student Member(s) of the IEEE at the time of original submission.
Basis for Judgement: 
Originality, clarity, and potential impact on practical applications or theoretical foundations of control.
Award Nomination
Nomination Deadline: 
24 August 2016

Nominations must be made by the student's major professor (advisor) through PaperPlaza following the procedure as described on the CDC conference website using the official nomination form. A paragraph certifying that the nominee is the main author of the paper, was a student at the time of the nomination and has a IEEE membership for the current year, a brief description of the contribution of the paper and the main reason for nomination for the award, the advisor's telephone and e-mail information, as well as the student IEEE membership number should be included. Nominations are limited to one per advisor.

Award Recipients

Headshot Photo
(Advisor: Robert D. Gregg) “Orthotic Body-Weight Support Through Underactuated Potential Energy Shaping with Contact Constraints” by Ge Lv
“Team Optimal Control of Coupled Subsystems with Mean-Field Sharing” by Jalal Arabneydi and Aditya Mahajan
(Advisor: John Doyle) "Communication Delay Co-Design in H2 Decentralized Control Using Atomic Norm Minimization," by Nikolai Matni
(Advisor: Rene Vidal) “Intrinsic Consensus on SO(3) with Almost-Global Convergence,” by Roberto Tron, Bijan Afsari and Rene Vidal
(Advisor: Cedric Langbort) “Symmetric Formulation of the Kalman-Yakubovich-Popov Lemma and Exact Losslessness Condition,” by Takashi Tanaka and Cedric Langbort
(Advisor: A. Sahai), "Is Witsenhausen's Counterexample a Relevant Toy?", by P. Grover and A. Sahai
"A Simulation-Based Method for Aggregating Markov Chains" by by K. Deng, P. Mehta and S. Meyn; Advisors: Prashant G. Mehta, Sean Meyn
(M. Sznaier) "A Sparsification Approach to Set Membership Identification of a Class of Affine Hybrid Systems" by N. Ozay, M. Sznaier, C. Lagoa, O. Camps