IEEE Control Systems Magazine Outstanding Paper Award


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    VP, Conference Activities (from January 2014); CSM Outstanding Paper Award Chair

To recognize an article or column published in the IEEE Control Systems Magazine.

Award Information
Certificate laminated on a plaque (one for each author).
Funded by the IEEE Control Systems Society.
At most one (1) award presented annually at the Awards Ceremony of the CSS.
Authors of articles or columns published in the IEEE Control Systems Magazine during the two calendar years preceding the year of the award.
Basis for Judgement: 
Impact on the field of systems and control and benefit to Control Systems Society members.
Award Nomination
Nomination Deadline: 
May 15 of each year.

Nominations and reference letters are due by May 15 and must be submitted using the CSS Awards Nomination system at Please download the nomination form and follow the instructions.

Award Recipients

2014 - “Control of Aerial Robots: Hybrid Force and Position Feedback for a Ducted Fan” IEEE Control Systems Magazine, vol. 32, no. 4, pp. 43-65, Aug. 2012.

2013 - “Iterative Learning Control in Health Care: Electrical Stimulation and Robotic-Assisted Upper-Limb Stroke Rehabilitation” IEEE Control Systems Magazine, vol. 32, no. 1, pp. 18-43, Feb. 2012.

2012 - “Control of Wind Turbines: Approaches, Challenges, and Recent Developments,” CSM Vol. 31, No.2, pages 44-62, April 2011

Kathryn Johnson Headshot Photo
Colorado School of Mines

2011 - “Adaptive Control and the NASA X-15-3 Flight Revisited,” IEEE Control Systems Magazine, vol. 30, no. 3, pp. 32–48, June 2010, by Zachary Dydek, Anuradha Annaswamy and Eugene Lavretsky

2010 -

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University of California-Santa Barbara

2009 - "Inertially Stabilized Platform Technology, Concepts and Principles," IEEE Control Magazine, Vol. 28, Issue 1, pp. 26-46, February 2008

2008 - "Motion Coordination with Distributed Information,"

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University of California-Santa Barbara
Jorge Cortes Headshot Photo
University of California, San Diego

2007 - "Drug Dosing in clinical pharmacology," 25:2, pp. 35- 51, April, 2005

Emory University