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    VP, Conference Activities (from January 2014); CSM Outstanding Paper Award Chair

The IEEE Control Systems Society is the principal or sole sponsor of three international conferences every year:

- the American Control Conference, which is organized by the American Automatic Control Council.  The AACC also represents its eight member societies in the International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC).

- the IEEE Multi-conference on Systems and Control (MSC) that, starting from 2007, officially brings together three international conferences with well established track records and long histories of success - the IEEE International Conference on Control Applications (CCA), the  IEEE International Symposium on Intelligent Control (ISIC), and, in the even year, the IEEE CSS International Symposium on Computer Aided Control System Design (CACSD) - for greater impact and scientific exchange.

- the IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC) which is the society flagship event.

The CSS also agrees to serve as technical cosponsors of a number of conferences, provided that we are assured of their high quality.

Details regarding our upcoming conferences can be found here.

If you would like to suggest a conference to include in the calendar go to the "Add a conference" web page.

Note that your input will be reflected on this site after it has been approved by the Vice President of Conference Activities for the Society.

To correct details regarding any of the listed conferences please contact directly the Vice President of Conference Activities.

CSS Policy on overlapping conference/journal submissions