Transactions on Automatic Control


The IEEE Control Systems Society publishes high-quality papers on the theory, design, and applications of control engineering. The Transactions is published monthly. Two types of contributions are regularly considered:

  1. Full Papers - Presentation of significant research, development, or application of control concepts
  2. Technical Notes and Correspondence - Brief technical notes, comments on published areas or established control topics, corrections to papers and notes published in the Transactions

    In addition, special papers (tutorials, surveys, and perspectives on the theory and applications of control systems topics) are solicited. Authors are urged to contact one of the Associate Editors at Large before submitting such papers.

Submitted manuscripts must be typewritten in English in single-column format. All submitted manuscripts should be as concise as possible. Technical Notes and Correspondence are normally limited to 15 double-spaced, typed pages (approximately six Transactions pages using the Technical Note font size) and manuscripts that do not conform to this requirement will be returned to the author. Full Papers of length exceeding 34 double-spaced, typed pages (including figures) will normally not be considered.  We now require a single-column and a double-column version for both Technical Notes and Full Papers at the time of submission.  Technical Notes are limited to 6 pages in TAC format and the standard Full Paper is 12 pages, but authors are allowed an extra 4 pages over the 12 pages for Full Papers, with a $125.00 per page fee.

Submission of a manuscript signifies that it has been neither copyrighted, published, nor submitted or accepted for publication elsewhere.

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