Travel Policy

Limited, partial travel support is provided for officers, BoG members and committee chairs to attend some board and committee meetings. Travel must be pre-approved by the relevant Vice President or Editor in Chief (in the case of editorial board members) or by the President (in the case of Board of Governors members). 

Reimbursement is limited to a maximum of $800 for travel within a continent, or $1200 for intercontinental travel. In the case of executive committee members, and in some other special cases approved by the society president, full reimbursement of accommodation costs and economy class travel is available. 

IEEE CSS General Travel Reimbursement - Concur

As of February 2019, IEEE has launched a new Volunteer Expense Reimbursement tool, Concur. Concur is a cloud-based expense reimbursement application designed to improve the expense reimbursement process.

The information for setting up an IEEE Concur account can be found at this link:,-medical-and-insurance/ieee-expense-report . Please see the step by step procedure for setting up an account on the right hand side of the page. If you already have a Concur account with another institution, you will still need to set up an IEEE-specific Concur account.

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