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About Financial Activities

For its Financial Activities, the CSS functions as an entity within the IEEE, which operates financially as a non-profit U.S. corporation. The annual budget of the CSS is reviewed and approved by the IEEE Technical Activites Board.

The CSS receives income from membership dues, subscription fees for its publications, possible surpluses from conferences that it sponsors, and interest on its reserve funds.

Its expenses include publications costs for its journals and magazine, awards for outstanding achievements in technical areas related to control systems, annual dues to the American Automatic Control Council (AACC), administrative costs (including charges from the IEEE for services it provides), support for chapter activities, and possible deficits from conferences.

Invoices for payment of allowed society expenses should be submitted to the VP of Financial Activities.  See the “Technical Activities Summary of Frequently Requested Financial Information and Key Procedures” for any procedural questions.

For auditing purposes, a PO is required in advance for all goods and services with a total value exceeding US$999.00 before any payment will be made. Many Purchase Orders require contracts and must be renewed annually unless it is stated in the original contract that the time period is greater than one year. Even if you are working with the same vendor, university, etc. for the upcoming year and the contract will expire, a new contract must be submitted to staff. For multi-year POs (up to three years), the time period must be stated in the contract when first submitted. As a general rule, a “Scope of Work’ should accompany every PO request for services.  Documentation showing approval by the Society is required.

VP Financial Activities


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Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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