IEEE CSS Hendrik W. Bode Lecture Prize

To recognize distinguished contributions to control systems science or engineering.

Historical Background:

Revised 2000, 2001.

$2,000, photo-engraved Plaque, and travel expenses to the CDC (round trip restricted minimal coach air fare, conference registration, and up to 4 conference-rate hotel nights for a 3-day conference, and up to 5 conference-rate hotel nights for a 4-day conference). The recipient gives a plenary lecture at the CDC evaluating a significant contribution to control systems science or engineering.
Funded by the IEEE Control Systems Society.
At the Awards Ceremony of the CSS.
Basis for Judging:
The technical merit of the distinguished contributions to control systems science or engineering. The broader impacts of the contribution towards the benefit of society at large and towards the CSS diversity and inclusiveness goals in terms of geography, gender, and work sector.

Miroslav Krstic

For pioneering PDE backstepping and extremum seeking control, and for fostering their technology commercialization.

David J. Hill

For pioneering fundamental work and practical outstanding contributions to nonlinear control, dissipative and large-scale systems, and learning theory.

Pramod Khargonekar

For distinguished contributions to control systems, as a researcher, educator, scholar, and leader

Kristin Y. Pettersen

For leadership in fundamental research, development and commercialization of marine robotics

Lei Guo

For contributions to adaptive control, system identification, adaptive signal processing, and stochastic systems

Mark Spong

For contributions to nonlinear control and robotics

Naomi Leonard

For contributions to the theory and application of coordinated control of mobile, multi-agent systems in engineering and in nature

Richard M. Murray

For contributions to the theory of networked control systems and its applications to systems biology

Hassan Khalil

For seminal contributions to nonlinear control theory and education

Bruce Francis

For seminal contributions to robust and H-infinity control, linear control theory, sampled-data control, and distributed robotics

B. Ross Barmish

For fundamental contributions to the analysis of systems with parametric uncertainty and to probabilistic robustness, and for contributions to the design of stock-trading algorithms that are robust to market variability

Jessy Grizzle

For his work on automotive applications, his results on nonlinear system theory and for his more recent application to experiments on bipedal locomotion that provide an excellent showcase to the broader community of the value of control theory

John Baillieul

For seminal contributions to mathematical system theory and networked control

Manfred Morari

For distinguished contributions to the theory and industrial impact of model predictive control

Peter Caines

For fundamental contributions in the areas of stochastic, adaptive, large scale and hybrid systems

Christopher Byrnes

For fundamental contributions to algebraic and geometric approaches to systems and control

P. S. Krishnaprasad

For fundamental contributions to the theory of control of natural and synthetic physical systems

Arthur Krener

For fundamental contributions to the foundations of geometric nonlinear control theory

Pravin Varaiya

Tamer Bașar

For seminal contributions to stochastic control and dynamic game theory, robust nonlinear and adaptive control, and control over wired and wireless networks

Lennart Ljung

For seminal contributions to identification and adaptive control

Eduardo Sontag

For seminal contributions to nonlinear system theory

Alberto Isidori

For seminal contributions to nonlinear control

Mathukumalli Vidyasagar

Graham Goodwin

J. Boyd Pearson

Edward Davison

Jürgen Ackermann

Bob Narendra

For outstanding contributions to control theory and its applications in particular to nonlinear stability theory, adaptive control, neural networks, and intelligent control

Gene Franklin

For contributions to research and education in Digital Control Systems

Michael Athans

Brian Anderson

For revealing fundamental feedback properties in scholarly papers on optimal and adaptive filtering and for seminal expository textbooks and monographs

Petar Kokotovic

For contributions to sensitivity analysis, singular perturbation methods and robust adaptive control

David Luenberger

For contributions to linear feedback controls, normal forms and outstanding textbooks on systems and optimization

Gunter Stein