2018 Award Recipients

The IEEE Control Systems Society presents several awards annually for technical achievements in the areas of interest to the Society, as well as awards for service to the Society.

IEEE Control Systems Award

John Tsitsiklis

For contributions to the theory and application of optimization in large dynamic and distributed systems.

Outstanding Chapter Award

Singapore Section Chapter 

Justin Pang, Chapter Chair

Distinguished Member Award

Maria Prandini

For contributions to stochastic, hybrid, and distributed control systems and outstanding service to the Control Systems Society related to electronic publications and conference activities.

Miroslav Krstic

For contributions to adaptive, nonlinear and stochastic control and outstanding long-term service to the Control Systems Society.

CDC Best Student Paper Award

Erfan Nozari, for a paper entitled "Selective Recruitment in Hierarchical Complex Dynamical Networks with Linear-Threshold Rate Dynamics," by Erfan Nozari and Jorge Cortes.

CDC Outstanding Student Paper Award

Ali Devran Kara, for a paper entitled "Robustness to Incorrect System Models in Stochastic Control and Application to Data-Driven Learning," by Ali Devran Kara and Serdar Yuksel.

Yuanqiu Mo, for a paper entitled "Robust Stability of Spreading Blocks in Aggregate Computing," by Yuanqiu Mo, Soura Dasgupta, and Jacob Beal.

Jonas Umlauft, for a paper entitled "Uncertainty-based Control Lyapunov Approach for the Stabilization of Gaussian Process State Space Models," by Jonas Umlauft, Sandra Hirche, and Lukas Pohler.

CSM Outstanding Paper Award

Cameron Nowzari, Victor Preciado and George Pappas, for the paper entitled, "Analysis and Control of Epidemics: A Survey of Spreading Processes on Complex Networks”, IEEE Control Systems Magazine, Vol. 36, No. 1, pages 26-46, 2016https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/7393962

TCST Outstanding Paper Award

Michael Ruppert and Reza Moheimani, for the paper entitled "Multimode Q Control in Tapping-Mode AFM: Enabling Imaging on Higher Flexural Eigenmodes," IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, Vol. 24, No. 4, pages 1149-1159, 2016.

George S. Axelby Outstanding Paper Award

Masaaki Nagahara, Daniel Quevedo, and Dragan Nesic, for the paper entitled, “Maximum hands-off control: A paradigm of control effort minimization,” IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, vol. 61, no. 3, pages 735-747, 2016.

TCNS Outstanding Paper Award

No award.

Control Systems Technology Award

No Award.

Antonio Ruberti Young Researcher Prize

Vijay Gupta

"For Contributions to the Fundamentals of Networked and Cyber-Physical Systems."

Hendrik W. Bode Lecture Prize

Mark Spong

"For contributions to nonlinear control and robotics."

CSS Transition to Practice Award

Jagannathan (Jag) Sarangapani

“For the development of adaptive neural network feedback control schemes and decision tools, and their translation into industrial practice”

Award for Technical Excellence in Aerospace Control

Panagiotis Tsiotras

"For outstanding contributions in control theory and transitions to aerospace applications."

IEEE Fellows for 2019

Evaluated by CSS:

David Castanon
for contributions to discrete-time stochastic control and information fusion

Bart De Schutter
for contributions to optimal control of discrete-event and hybrid systems

Santosh Devasia
for contributions to feedforward control of nonminimum-phase systems

Nicola Elia
for contributions to networked control systems

Emilia Fridman
for contributions to time-delay systems and sampled-data control

Keum-shik Hong
for contributions to adaptive estimation and brain-computer interface techniques

Mihailo Jovanovic

for contributions to modeling, optimization, and control of largescale distributed systems

Antonis Papachristodoulou
for contributions to analysis and design of networked control systems

Maurizio Porfiri
for contributions to biomimetic robotics

Murti Salapaka
for application of control and systems technology in nano-science

Maarten Steinbuch
for contributions to motion control and mechatronics

Mario Sznaier
for contributions to identification of switched systems and multiobjective control

Panagiotis Tsiotras
for contributions to nonlinear control of aerospace systems

Benjamin Van Roy
for contributions to reinforcement learning and approximate dynamic programming

Min Wu
for contribution to control and automation for complex systems

Evaluated by other Societies:

Fuchun Sun (CIS)
for contributions to neural network control of nonlinear systems with applications to robotic manipulators

Jiming Chen (COM)
for contributions to resource allocation and optimization in wireless sensor networks

Qing-long Han (IE)
for contributions to control and filtering of networked systems

Donghua Zhou (IE)
for contributions to reliability and maintenance of dynamic systems

Mark Lantz (MAG)
for contributions to digital magnetic tape recording

Emilio Frazzoli (RA)
for contributions to motion planning and control of autonomous vehicles

Evangelos Papadopoulos (RA)
for contributions to space and field robotics

Jie Chen (SMC)
for contributions to optimization and control of complex systems