Statement about the Invasion of Ukraine

Announcements | Sun, Apr 3rd, 2022

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Dear IEEE CSS Members;
This statement of principle is precipitated by recent events and is a reaffirmation of our values as a global scientific organization.

We are saddened and deeply concerned by Russian President Vladimir Putin's unjustified and violent invasion of Ukraine.
Our hearts go out to the Ukrainian people - to those in Ukraine and to those who find themselves refugees from the conflict - and to all who have suffered from similar injustices.
The invasion is a clear violation of global norms. It goes against everything we value as a scientific community based on a free exchange of ideas and respect for all people.
Thomas Parisini
Magnus Egerstedt
Anuradha Annaswamy
Robert Bitmead
Elena Valcher
Jay Farrell
Yannis Paschalidis
Jing Sun
Hideaki Ishii
Francesco Bullo
Carolyn Beck
Marika Di Benedetto