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CDC 2023

Bode Lecture

Machine Learning: Bane or Boon for Control?

Miroslav Krstic

CDC 2021

CDC 2020

Bode Lecture

Snake Robots

Kristin Y. Pettersen

CDC 2018

Bode Lecture

The Centrality of Control Theory in Robotics

Mark Spong

CDC 2017

Bode Lecture

Learning from Nature: When Models Meet Multitudes

Naomi Leonard

CDC 2016

Bode Lecture

Future Directions in Control: A Look Backwards and Forwards

Richard M. Murray

CDC 2015

Bode Lecture

High-gain Observers in Nonlinear Feedback Control

Hassan Khalil

CDC 2014

Bode Lecture

The Robot Rendezvous Problem

Bruce Francis

CDC 2013

Bode Lecture

Can Control Science Bring New Insights to Stock Trading Research?

B. Ross Barmish

CDC 2012

Bode Lecture

Highly Agile and Robust Robotic Bipedal Locomotion Through Nonlinear Geometric Control

Jessy Grizzle

CDC 2011

Bode Lecture

Fifty Years of Information Based Control Theory

John Baillieul

CDC 2010

Bode Lecture

The Role of Theory in Control Practice

Manfred Morari

CDC 2009

Bode Lecture

Mean Field Stochastic Control

Peter Caines

CDC 2007

Bode Lecture

Pursuit and Cohesion: In Nature and by Design

P. S. Krishnaprasad

CDC 2004

Bode Lecture

Games, Decisions, and Control: Fifty Years Back, Fifty Years Forward

Tamer Bașar

CDC 2002

CDC 2001

Bode Lecture

Finesse et Géométrie

Alberto Isidori

CDC 1992

Bode Lecture

Controller Design: Getting from Theory to Practice

Brian Anderson

CDC 1989

Bode Lecture

Respect the Unstable

Gunter Stein