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Virtual Lightning Tutorial Series on Discrete Event Systems

TCDES Tutorial

Event-Driven Receding Horizon Control for Complex Problems in Network Systems

Christos G. Cassandras
TCDES Tutorial

Synthesis-Based Engineering of Supervisory Controllers – From Specification to Implementation

Joanna (Asia) van de Mortel – Fronczak
TCDES Tutorial

Supervisory Control of Non-Terminating Processes — a Concise Introduction

Thomas Moor
TCDES Tutorial

On Modular and Compositional Approaches to Compute Supervisors

Martin Fabian
TCDES Tutorial

Partially Observed Discrete Event Systems: from Estimation to Cyber-Security

Alessandro Giua
TCDES Tutorial

From Perturbation Analysis of DEDS to a General Optimization Theory in the AI Era

Xi-Ren Cao
TCDES Tutorial

A Survey on Petri Nets Models for Logistics and Transportation Systems

Mariagrazia Dotoli
TCDES Tutorial

Distributed Synthesis

Stavros Tripakis
TCDES Tutorial

Abstractions: A Bridge Between Continuous Dynamics and Discrete Event Systems

Necmiye Ozay
TCDES Tutorial

State Estimation and Event Inference in DES: Implications to Detectability, Diagnosability and Opacity

Christoforos Hadjicostis

FoRCE 2021

FoRCE Webinars

Urban Air Mobility: A Control-Centric Approach to Addressing Technical Challenge

Irene Gregory
FoRCE Webinars

Control and Optimization as a Foundation for Multi-UAV Coordination

David Casbeer
FoRCE Webinars

Control Theory for Engineering Biology

Domitilla Del Vecchio
FoRCE Webinars

Deep Learning and Adaptive Control

Girish Chowdhary
FoRCE Webinars

Swarm Robotics Research at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

Don Sofge

ACC 2021

WiC Webinar

ACC 2021 Women in Control Webinar

Bonnie Heck Ferri , Susan K. (Kathy) Land

Tutorial Series 2021

TCDES Tutorial

Discrete Event Systems: Opacity and Its Enforcement

Stéphane Lafortune

CDC 2020

Bode Lecture

Snake Robots

Kristin Y. Pettersen
Conference Semi-Plenary Lecture

Learning-based Planning and Control: Opportunities and Challenges

Jonathan How
Conference Semi-Plenary Lecture

Glocal (Global/Local) Control: Theoretical Challenges to Practice

Shinji Hara