IEEE Control Systems Society - E-Letter Submission Information

Guidelines for Submission

  1. In keeping with the spirit of E-Letter, only electronically submitted articles are acceptable.
  2. Please submit your contribution using the submission form available in this page. Note that all fields in the submission form are required.
  3. To keep the size of the E-Letter, please keep the size of individual submission between 500 and 750 words.
  4. No markup is permitted in submissions. A hypertext markup command in your submission will appear as text instead of the expected marked up text. E.g., bold will appear as is, instead of as bold.
  5. Any formatting that needs to be done should be done in plain text.
  6. You may copy and paste "plain text" from any other application into the "Message" text box of the submission page.
  7. Please do not copy and paste tables, bulleted lists, etc from word processors. Such content will not retain its structure in the eletter and therefore will not be included in the eletter.
  8. As a contributor, you must ascertain that any clearance, company or foundation release, necessary for transmittal of your news item has been obtained. CSS will not be responsible for obtaining such clearances. Postings by commercial advertizers or head hunters may be blocked without notice.

Note that the E-Letter Editor reserves the right to edit submissions due to article length considerations.

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