Distributed Parameter Systems


Lassi Paunonen

Tampere University of Technology

Mission Statement:

The purpose of the IEEE TC on DPS is to promote activities within the field of distributed parameter systems (infinite-dimensional systems modeled by delay or partial differential equations) fostering the development of both basic scientific methodology and emerging applications. The research activities are related to modeling, analysis, estimation, control and numerical simulation and analysis of these systems. Specifically, the following is a concise summary of this Technical Committee’s goals and the website is to serve as a resource for researchers and engineers working in areas related to DPS. 

Specifically, the following is a concise summary of our intentions:

  • provide an informational forum for the exchange of ideas and experience
  • promote identification and integration of approaches

The activities include the following:

  • organizing tracks of invited sessions, panel discussions, tutorials, minicourses at the IEEE CSS meetings
  • organizing workshops and sessions of technical meetings at Controls related meetings such as IFAC, SIAM, ISME
  • preparing special issues of journals
  • assistance in the review of papers submitted to society conferences
  • assistance in the review of papers within the scope in cooperation with journal and magazine editors