Aerospace Controls


Gokhan Inalhan

Cranfield University
United Kingdom

The TC Aerospace Controls consists of IEEE Control System Society (CSS) members from academia, government and industry working together to promote the advancement of technology and the knowledge of control systems for a wide range of aerospace applications. The TC helps promote a robust exchange of ideas and education in the exciting field of Aerospace controls and fosters professional development and participation in CSS activities. TCAC Membership currently stands at 62 members of the IEEE including 8 Fellows, 14 Senior Members and 13 International Members. Because the TCAC brings together members from government, academia and industry, we have the unique opportunity of enriching and complementing activities in our respective organizations.

The TCAC regularly organizes workshops on current topics in Aerospace Control at IEEE conferences such as the CDC, the ACC and the CCTA. The TCAC also helps promote recognition and excellence in aerospace controls through sponsorship and funding for the CSS Award for Technical Excellence in Aerospace Control awarded annually at the CDC. TCAC members are frequently seen in leadership roles in major IEEE conferences, committees, and editorial boards, as well as in Aerospace related activities and conferences of the AIAA.

Mission Statement

To foster a community of members who advance the technology and provide forums for the theoretical and practical consideration of techniques, devices, and systems for the control of flight vehicles and the control of related aerospace systems.