Systems and Synthetic Biology


Steffen Waldherr

KU Leuven
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Mission Statement

The goal of TC Systems and Synthetic Biology is to expose the CSS community to challenging and important problems arising from biology. Understanding, analysis, design, and control of biological systems are challenging problems due to their large scales, nonlinearities, uncertainties, and stochastic effects. We strongly believe that the expertise and talent of CSS members can significantly contribute to this field. Concepts and techniques from control theory, optimization, graph theory, and formal methods have been successfully applied to analyze and control a variety of biological systems ranging from small synthetic gene networks to genome-scale metabolic networks and to multi-cellular systems.

Systems Biology involves the quantitative analysis of networks of dynamically interacting biological components, with the goal of reverse engineering these networks to understand how they robustly achieve biological function. Such networks are dynamic in nature and involve feedback at various levels of organization. Therefore, many opportunities exist for systems and control theorists for making important contributions to this emerging field.

Becoming a member

If you are interested in joining the Technical Committee on Systems and Synthetic Biology, please, contact the TC Chair.